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“A solo harp album of medieval Christmas splendor.”

Twin Cities harpist Stephanie Claussen spent the year 2015 fulfilling one of her long-term dreams: arranging and refining twenty-one of her favorite carols and tunes. “French carols are the best,” says Claussen, listing the smell of wood smoke, the taste of orange zest, the appearance of the sky on a clear cold night, and the color red as impressions she associates with the album.

Claussen’s album intentionally incorporates a variety of well-loved and lesser-known carols. She crafted original interludes and countermelodies for most of the pieces on the album, aiming to season familiar melodies with just enough spice to keep audiences surprised while steering clear of modern harmonies. Claussen says she’s going for an ancient flavor on this project.

“Light So Brilliant: Carols and Tunes for Christmas” is available directly from Stephanie Claussen as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.com. If you are local to the Twin Cities and would like to pick up your order in person, contact Stephanie. “Light So Brilliant” is now a music book! Buy locally at Musicmakers in Stillwater, or order online at MelBay.com.

CD Reviews:

“Listening to Stephanie Claussen’s new Christmas album makes me feel like I’m exploring Narnia when in reality I’m dealing with traffic on an overcast drive. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is!” -Missy

“I love it! Listened to it three times straight while driving to the cities.” – Patti

“BEAUTIFUL, thank you. I’m going to listen to it all year long.” -Marjie

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