Learning a harp arrangement by Stephanie Claussen and want feedback? Stephanie offers one-time coaching lessons via Skype.

Light so Brilliant: Christmas Carols and Tunes for Solo Harp

Evoking an ancient rather than modern setting, Claussen’s renditions contain variations that intermediate through advanced harpists will find both intricate and satisfying. Suitable for pedal harps or lever harps with 33 strings or more. The arrangements contain dynamics, chords, and some fingering suggestions. Read more

“Stephanie Claussen’s collection includes 49 jam-packed pages of carols. Your audience will love the familiar melodies, and you’ll love her creative arrangements that include clever medleys and interesting harmonies.”
-Kimberly Rowe, “Staff Holiday Picks 2018,” Harp Column Music

Make sure to listen to the album as well.

Moss, Wood and Thicket: That feeling you get when you think about The Lord of the Rings

A delightful original tune inspired by The Lord of the Rings and recorded on Stephanie Claussen’s album Soirée à Montpellier.

“Moss, Wood and Thicket” is perfect for harp students who love the Celtic sound but want to learn something original. Technically, this piece introduces flat thumb, PDLT, and playing the left hand above the right hand. Available from Kolacny Music.

Suitable for lever harp or pedal harp, lower intermediate level. Includes dynamics.

You Are My Sunshine: Harp Trio or Harp Solo

Two different versions, available through Sheet Music Plus for PDF download only.

“You Are My Sunshine” for harp ensemble includes three different levels of difficulty, all of which can be played on either lever or pedal harps.

  • Harp 1: (Beginner) Includes the melody with single notes in the bass. Lowest note is the C below middle C.
  • Harp 2: (Advanced Beginner) Includes the melody and some harmonies in quarter notes. Lowest note is the C below middle C.
  • Harp 3: (Intermediate) Includes the melody and some more complex accompaniment patterns. Lowest note is the F one and a half octaves below middle C, but this could be omitted or moved up an octave if necessary.

“You Are My Sunshine” for solo harp never fails to get audiences singing, especially at senior centers and nursing homes. Suitable for lever or pedal harp, the lowest note is the C below middle C. Intermediate level.

I Need Thee Every Hour

I Need Thee Every Hour Harp Arrangement

This arrangement of the classic hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour” draws on soft oscillating patterns to create a gentle sense of pulse throughout. The intro and interlude hint at the melody of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” to add a bit of color and depth of meaning.

Total time: 2’30”
Arranged for lever or pedal harp.
Range: The lowest note is the G an octave and a half below middle C.
Intermediate level.

Cercle Circassien: La Tarentelle

“Cercle Circassien” is a traditional French circle dance from my album Soirée à Montpellier which portrays the soundscape of a southern French city. I arranged this melody to include some fun challenges, including plenty of opportunities for the left hand to play above the right hand.

Total time: 3’29”
Arranged for lever or pedal harp
Range: The lowest note is the C two octaves below middle C; the highest note is the C two octaves above middle C.
Intermediate level